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Worcester Kettlebell Club, LLC provides an enjoyable team atmosphere of strength training and nutrition coaching services. The primary goal of WKC is to help people build strength while managing body weight through proper nutrition and an active, healthy lifestyle. Through appropriate training principles, our members recapture and improve their best natural movement patterns.

Every person is unique and Worcester Kettlebell Club specializes in individual program design.

ABOUT worcester kettlebell club

Our goal is to provide each client with the most appropriate physical training and nutritional support to achieve personal health, fitness, and physique aspirations. Training programs are designed to meet client goals - including but not limited to improving movement skills, building strength, developing power and enhancing metabolic and cardiovascular potential.

Worcester Kettlebell Club offers Team Training and Semi-Private Training programs as well as Nutrition Coaching.

Worcester Kettlebell Club strives to make each member's experience the best part of their day.  WKC delivers the ultimate package to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Our supportive community is one built on mental and physical strength, quality movement and having a great time!

Evan Marcantonio

 Photo credit: Craig Marker, StrongFirst .

Photo credit: Craig Marker, StrongFirst.

Evan Marcantonio is the owner and head coach of Worcester Kettlebell Club in Worcester, MA. A graduate of the University of Massachusetts Amherst Sport Management program, Evan earned certifications as a Personal Trainer and Health Coach through the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Evan is certified through StrongFirst as a Level 1 kettlebell (SFG) and barbell (SFL) instructor, and is a Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC) through Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning. He is  also Level 2 certified with Functional Movement Systems (FMS).

Mary SuRprenant


Mary is a graduate of Boston College where she played varsity softball.  She earned her personal trainer certification through the National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT).  Mary is a Hardstyle Kettlebell Certified Instructor and she has taken the Functional Movement Systems FMS Level 1 course. She is is certified by the American Heart Association for First Aid/CPR/AED.

WHY Kettlebells?

No other tool can develop all-around strength, build muscle, improve flexibility, burn fat and boost metabolic pathways as efficiently and effectively as kettlebells.

Kettlebells are compact and simple, yet complex and indestructible. They can be used for grinding movements such as the deadlift, squat, press and get up, or for ballistic movements such as the swing, clean and snatch. Kettlebells promote joint stability and mobility and offer instant feedback.

At Worcester Kettlebell Club, we follow the StrongFirst Code:

  •  I am a student of strength.
  • I am a quiet professional.
  • Strength has a greater purpose.

At WKC we do not “workout” - we practice to improve our movement qualities during each training session. Strength is a skill. Come earn yours at Worcester Kettlebell Club.